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What to Expect

NEWBORN - There’s nothing quite like a newborn baby and I am so blessed to get to work with so many! It’s such a short time that they are this tiny and photos are the only way to remember just how small they were. The first two weeks is the most ideal time to photograph your little one so don’t delay. Book your newborn session now – before they arrive so you don’t miss this incredible opportunity (session dates are flexible to work with your delivery date).  For years I offered studio sessions and have shifted to an in home lifestyle package.  Now I always advise new mama's I have chosen this for a reason.  I'm a mama of 3 beautiful babies and remember the challenge of just getting ready and out of the house.  Also the stress of sitting in a studio and hoping for all these perfectly posed photos.  Mama's would sit in my studio and find themselves just getting used to nursing and worrying about everything.  I made the shift to bring everything to you!  There is nothing for you to worry about.  I bring all my props and gear to your home.  Now before you think, oh my home isn't ready.  I don't require much space and I always warn new moms not to worry about cleaning or anything, I work around everything.  I even suggest they take the time to get ready for the family portion of their photos once I get there and I am working with baby.  This way they get a moment to themselves.  Also families are more comfortable in their own home.  Imagine big brother expected to sit in a studio waiting for family photos.  For this reason I shifted to in home sessions which combine posed photos as well as lifestyle family photos.

FAMILY/MATERNITY -  When you book a session with me we discuss the look you are hoping for as well as come up with a location.  I always help come up with ideas.  I recommend if you are family with little children to book around nap times as this helps sessions flow a big smoother. 

ENGAGEMENT -  I highly recommend engagement sessions and this is why ALL of my wedding packages include a mini engagement session.  Some people feel they don't need an engagement session however there are many reasons other than an announcement that I feel they are needed.  Not only is it good to meet your photographer before your wedding it's great for them to get a feel for you.  I always take the time to get to know my couples on a deeper level.  Some people don't enjoy public displays of affection, or posing, or some even are real jokesters which is always good to know before your big day.  It's a great time to get to know each other before being thrown together.  My brides and grooms choose me for so many reasons however an engagement session is the best time to ensure you will know what to expect from me.  

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